In Side Out On Site In

In Side Out  on Site in PDF
Author: Gert Staal
Size: 37.25 MB
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Category : Architecture
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Pages : 158
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Nicolaas Van Wijk 1880 1941

Nicolaas Van Wijk  1880 1941  PDF
Author: Jan Paul Hinrichs
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9042020237
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Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Nicolaas van Wijk (1880-1941) was the founder of Slavic studies in the Netherlands and one of the greatest Slavists in general. This book describes for the first time how a scholar of the Dutch language, whose etymological dictionary of the Dutch language is still considered the best of its kind, was appointed in 1913 to the newly created Chair in Slavic languages at Leiden University and built up a tremendous reputation for himself in Eastern Europe. Van Wijk's relations with his famous teacher, the linguist C.C. Uhlenbeck, are followed attentively, as is his postgraduate apprenticeship in Leipzig (1902-1903), where he followed August Leskien's lectures in Slavic studies. Attention is also paid to the various aspects of Van Wijk's enormous oeuvre covering the whole field of Slavic studies and of phonology, of which he was one of the pioneers. Van Wijk did not, however, follow the lines approved for the social conduct of a Leiden professor and was at one time suspected by the police of communist activities. His commitment to materially helping all he could from an Eastern Europe torn apart by the First World War and its aftermath was exceptional. His fascination with all things Russian is a background theme that played throughout his life and even at his death: son of a Dutch Reformed minister, the bachelor Van Wijk was buried in a grave surmounted by a Russian Orthodox cross beside his Russian foster son, who died young. This book is of interest to Slavists, linguists and cultural historians.

Racial Science And Human Diversity In Colonial Indonesia

Racial Science and Human Diversity in Colonial Indonesia PDF
Author: Fenneke Sysling
Publisher: NUS Press
ISBN: 9814722073
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Category : Political Science
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Pages : 320
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Indonesia is home to diverse peoples who differ from one another in terms of physical appearance as well as social and cultural practices. The way such matters are understood is partly rooted in ideas developed by racial scientists working in the Netherlands Indies beginning in the late nineteenth century, who tried to develop systematic ways to define and identify distinctive races. Their work helped spread the idea that race had a scientific basis in anthropometry and craniology, and was central to people’s identity, but their encounters in the archipelago also challenged their ideas about race. In this new monograph, Fenneke Sysling draws on published works and private papers to describe the way Dutch racial scientists tried to make sense of the human diversity in the Indonesian archipelago. The making of racial knowledge, it contends, cannot be explained solely in terms of internal European intellectual developments. It was "on the ground" that ideas about race were made and unmade with a set of knowledge strategies that did not always combine well. Sysling describes how skulls were assembled through the colonial infrastructure, how measuring sessions were resisted, what role photography and plaster casting played in racial science and shows how these aspects of science in practice were entangled with the Dutch colonial Empire.

New History Of Anthropology

New History of Anthropology PDF
Author: Henrika Kuklick
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470766212
Size: 40.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Social Science
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Pages : 416
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A New History of Anthropology collects original writings from pre-eminent scholars to create a sophisticated but accessible guide to the development of the field. Re-examines the history of anthropology through the lens of the new globalized world Provides a comprehensive history of the discipline, from its prehistory in the ‘age of exploration’ through to anthropology’s current condition and its relationship with other disciplines Places ideas and practices within the context of their time and place of origin Looks at anthropology’s role in colonization, early traditions in the field, and topical issues from various periods in the field’s history, and examines its relationship to other disciplines

Stages In Civilisation

Stages in Civilisation PDF
Author: Robert Joost Willink
Publisher: Leiden University Press
Size: 59.30 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Africa
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Pages : 389
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The first Dutch ethnographic collections from West Central Africa were formed in the late nineteenth century. Between 1876 ? 1889, thanks to the ?on the spot' presence of the Afrikaansche Handelsvereeniging (the African Trading Association) and its successor, the Nieuwe Afrikaansche Handelsvennootschap (the New African Trading Company), several thousands of ethnographic items were acquired by various Dutch museums. After the establishment of the Congo Free State in 1885, however, it became more difficult to collect directly objects from this part of Africa. This study is the first extensive enquiry into the collecting of Africana by late nineteenth century Dutch museums. These collecting campaigns took place during the last days of the great African explorations, notably by Livingstone and Burton from Great Britain, Du Chaillu and Stanley from the USA, and Bastian from Germany. These travellers had outspoken ideas about African morals and customs and about the meaning and significance of material objects. The author of this study argues that the acquisition history of Africana in Dutch museums corresponds directly with the beliefs of the great explorers and with the dominant evolutionary theories that were then current in the Western world. These stipulated that people could be placed in a hierarchy of races and sub-races. Within this context, the author compares the late nineteenth century Dutch collections in the museums in Leiden, Amsterdam and Rotterdam to similar collections in the Museum für Völkerkunde, Berlin; the Musée de Trocadéro, Paris; the British Museum, London, and the Sociedade de Geographía in Lisbon.

Other People S Anthropologies

Other People s Anthropologies PDF
Author: Aleksandar Boškovic
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781845453985
Size: 58.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Social Science
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Pages : 238
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Anthropological practice has been dominated by the so-called 'great' traditions (Anglo-American, French, and German). With contributions from anthropologists and social scientists from different countries and anthropological traditions, this text gives voice to scholars outside these 'great' traditions.