Destined To Reign Devotional

Destined to Reign Devotional PDF
Author: Joseph Prince
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 157794979X
Size: 52.69 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 366
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Joseph Prince shares 365 dynamic devotions revealing that you can reign over every adversity, lack, and destructive habit limiting you from experiencing the success, wholeness, and victory you are destined to enjoy.

Author: سي اس لويس
Publisher: ktab INC.
ISBN: 9059500415
Size: 33.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Religion
Languages : ar
Pages : 207
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المسيحيَّة المُجرَّدة‘‘ كتابٌ كلاسيكيٌّ من القرن العشرين، كتبه سي. أس. لِويس، يعرض فيه ملخَّصًا لِمَا آمن به المسيحيُّون عبر تاريخ المسيحيَّة. يستخدم لِويس في هذا الكتاب الفلسفةَ وتوضيحاتٍ عميقةً ومنطقًا بارعًا ينقلُ بها أفكارَه. مُبتَدئًا بالدِّفاع عن وجود الله، يستمرُّ لِويس في عرضِ أعماق الإيمان المسيحيِّ في سلسلةٍ من المقالاتِ التي غيَّرتْ حياةَ وأفكارَ عددٍ لا حصرَ له من القُرَّاء خلال النصف الثاني من القرن الماضي. وتأتي هذه الترجمة إلى العربيَّة ليَنتفعَ بها قُرَّاؤها الذين بينهم بدأ الإيمانُ المسيحيُّ قبل ألفَي سنة.

Antidote To The Antichrist

Antidote to the Antichrist PDF
Author: Helen M. Heathwood
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1499002092
Size: 39.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 216
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Have you been a dedicated Christian for years but you're still wondering why you’re not living in the victory you've been promised? Do you feel as though circumstances conspire against you? There could be a family curse passed down from your ancestors that is preventing you from gaining access to all of God's blessings. This book chronicles my journey to freedom - along the way, unlocking some of the darkest secrets of the past... The Establishment of America Is Freemasonry good for your family’s health and what were its origins? Was Shakespeare really Shakespeare and why is there a battle between the Bible and Shakespeare in our schools? Was Queen Elizabeth 1, (after whom the state of Virginia was named), actually a virgin queen? The Grail Bloodline - Is it fact or fi ction? Who was Francis Bacon and why did he want to rule the world? If you have Freemasonry in your background then these compelling revelations will give you the keys to unlock the curses over your life.

Nlt Thrive Devotional Bible For Women Hardcover

NLT Thrive Devotional Bible for Women  Hardcover  PDF
Author: Tyndale
ISBN: 1496448251
Size: 47.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Bibles
Languages : en
Pages : 1664
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The THRIVE Devotional Bible for Women is for every woman who wants to know God more deeply and follow Him more closely. God's design for His children is that they live flourishing, fulfilling, joy-filled lives in Christ. Bestselling author and beloved speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd has devoted over 30 years of her ministry to helping women learn how to thrive in Christ, reflect God's glory, and gain an eternal perspective. Sheri Rose invites women to join her on a yearlong journey through the Bible in THRIVE. The daily devotionals capture the very heart of her ministry by helping women discover their identity in Christ; God's purpose and plan for their lives; and how to flourish in a faith that is pure, genuine, and life-giving. Each day's devotional reading contains a key Scripture, a love letter from God, a reflection from Sheri Rose, a treasure of truth, and a special prayer for the reader. Sheri Rose encourages women to leave all their concerns and struggles at the foot of the cross so they can truly thrive as the women God created them to be. This beautiful women's devotional Bible features a rose and black interior printed on high-quality cream Bible paper.

Niv Family Walk Devotional Bible

NIV Family Walk Devotional Bible PDF
Author: Zondervan Publishing
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310925477
Size: 14.88 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 1472
View: 396

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Designed to bring families together around God's Word, this devotional Bible shows how God's family is a model for all families and helps everyone understand what it means to be part of the family of God. A full year of weekday and weekend devotions are placed with the Bible text. These devotions will help parents and children learn more about the Bible, understand and live out biblical principles, instill solid values, and more.