Literacy In A Digital World

Literacy in a Digital World PDF
Author: Kathleen Tyner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135690855
Size: 79.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 304
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Written for media education scholars and students, literacy educators, and anyone involved with integrating new technologies into the educational process, Literacy in a Digital World explores the changing relationship between literacy and schooling within the context of new communication technologies, and places literacy within the social and historical contexts that expand its potential to enrich teaching and learning in an information age.

Law In A Digital World

Law in a Digital World PDF
Author: M. Ethan Katsh
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0195080173
Size: 31.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 294
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The world of law is a world of information. Rules, judgments, decisions, interpretations, and agreements all involve using and communicating information. Today, we are experiencing a significant transition, from letters fixed on paper to information stored electronically. The digital era, where information is created, stored, and communicated electronically, is quickly approaching, if not already here. The future of law will no longer be found in impressive buildings and leather-bound books, but in small pieces of silicon, in streams of light, and in millions of miles of wires and cable. It will be a world of new relationships and greater possibilities for individual and group communication, an environment where the value of information increases as it is shared. In Law in a Digital world, M. Ethan Katsh explores how these new technologies will alter one of our most central institutions. He considers the different ways in which people will not only electronically read and write, but also interact with our vast storehouses of legal knowledge and information. He envisions how sounds and pictures will play into the largely imageless print world of law, and looks at the future importance of graphic and nontextual communication. He explores how the flexible, personalized organization of data will transform the way we gather information, and whether information can or cannot be contained, raising questions of copyright and privacy. What happens to the law when information is more plentiful and accessible? What happens to those people who suddenly have access to information never before available? Does the use of information in a new form change the institution, the user, and those who come in contact with the user? And, what role does the lawyer play in all of this? For citizens, for lawyers, for all those who will be part of the digital world rushing toward us, Katsh answers these questions while considering the implications of this new era.

Cognition In A Digital World

Cognition in A Digital World PDF
Author: Herre van Oostendorp
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1135661022
Size: 52.31 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Psychology
Languages : en
Pages : 320
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Massive changes are taking place in society surrounding the delivery of information to individuals and the way they process this information. At work, at home, and in schools, the Internet and the World Wide Web are altering the individual's work, his leisure time, her workplace, and their educational environments. All of these changes and their consequences have traditionally been investigated largely within the domain of sociology, semiotics, mass communication, and computer science. The perspective from cognitive psychology has been lacking. The purpose of this volume is to fill this gap. The focus of the book is the cognitive effects of the modern digital environment. In addition, questions are raised about what cognitive conditions must exist for adequately processing information in multimedia environments. Internet use routinely involves the exchange of factual information but also a large amount of information with an interpersonal character is communicated. A socio-psychological perspective is needed to understand both kinds of communication, also to be able to design appropriate support tools. In Cognition in a Digital World, the emphasis is on the psychological analysis of interactive and continuing communication and discourse, rather than on the technical aspects of the individual's interaction at the interface. The three main themes of this volume are: *conditions and consequences of multimedia information processing by the individual; *socio-psychological characteristics of information transfer over the World Wide Web; and *analysis of computer-mediated collaborative communication. Cognition in a Digital World will be of interest to a wide audience of researchers and students in the fields of cognitive science, education, communication sciences, computer science and the arts (discourse analysis).

Back To The Future Of Socialism

Back to the future of Socialism PDF
Author: Hain, Peter
Publisher: Policy Press
ISBN: 1447321707
Size: 74.67 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 360
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What's gone wrong with capitalism and how should governments respond? What does the future hold for the Left in the UK in the face of the austerity straitjacket around our politics and media? Anthony Crosland’s The Future of Socialism (1956) provided a creed for governments of the centre left until the global banking crisis. Now Peter Hain presents an evidence-based case for a radical alternative to the neo-liberal economic agenda. A substantial new Afterword outlines what the Labour Party needs to do following the 2015 UK General Election to win again by returning to its core values of decency, social justice, equality and prosperity for all. A rousing alternative to the neoliberal, right-wing orthodoxy of our era, Hain’s book is now even more essential reading for everyone interested in the future of the left.

The Informed Brain In A Digital World

The Informed Brain in a Digital World PDF
Author: National Academies Keck Future Initiative
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309268885
Size: 59.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 130
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Digital media provide humans with more access to information than ever before-a computer, tablet, or smartphone can all be used to access data online and users frequently have more than one device. However, as humans continue to venture into the digital frontier, it remains to be known whether access to seemingly unlimited information is actually helping us learn and solve complex problems, or ultimately creating more difficulty and confusion for individuals and societies by offering content overload that is not always meaningful. Throughout history, technology has changed the way humans interact with the world. Improvements in tools, language, industrial machines, and now digital information technology have shaped our minds and societies. There has always been access to more information than humans can handle, but the difference now lies in the ubiquity of the Internet and digital technology, and the incredible speed with which anyone with a computer can access and participate in seemingly infinite information exchange. Humans now live in a world where mobile digital technology is everywhere, from the classroom and the doctor's office to public transportation and even the dinner table. This paradigm shift in technology comes with tremendous benefits and risks. Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) Teams at the 2012 National Academies Keck Futures Initiative Conference on The Informed Brain in the Digital World explored common rewards and dangers to Humans among various fields that are being greatly impacted by the Internet and the rapid evolution of digital technology. Keynote speaker Clifford Nass of Stanford University opened the dialogue by offering insight into what we already know about how the "information overload" of the digital world may be affecting our brains. Nass presented the idea of the "media budget," which states that when a new media emerges, it takes time away from other media in a daily time budget. When additional media appear and there is no time left in a person's daily media budget, people begin to "double book" media time. Personal computers, tablets, and smartphones make it easy to use several media simultaneously, and according to Nass, this double-booking of media can result in chronic multitasking, which effects how people store and manage memory. Although current fast-paced work and learning environments often encourage multitasking, research shows that such multitasking is inefficient, decreases productivity, and may hinder cognitive function. National Academies Keck Future Initiative: The Informed Brain in a Digital World summarizes the happenings of this conference.

Mental Health Practice In A Digital World

Mental Health Practice in a Digital World PDF
Author: Naakesh A. Dewan
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319141090
Size: 73.17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Medical
Languages : en
Pages : 228
View: 2497

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The purpose of the Mental Health Practice in a Digital World: A Clinicians Guide book is to prepare clinicians to understand, critically evaluate, and embrace well-designed and validated technologies that have the potential of transforming the access, affordability, and accountability of mental healthcare. The reader will become aware of the practical applications of technology in mental health as well as research supporting information technology tools, policy debates. Each chapter contains either examples or scenarios that are relevant to the current practice of mental health care. Policy makers, application developers, scientists, and executives that have lead or supported the use of technologies in real world practice are chapter authors. The goal for this book is to be the key resource for current and future mental health clinicians in the U.S. and around the world to become familiar with technology innovations and how they impact and improve clinical practice.

Exploring The Digital Frontier

Exploring the Digital Frontier PDF
Author: Anne Woodsworth
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN: 1849509794
Size: 55.88 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
Languages : en
Pages : 238
View: 5304

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This volume presents international research and exhaustive reviews of literature on a range of issues related to the evolving digital environment. With the growing trend for digital-only access to information, this volume makes an important contribution in both highlighting problems and challenges, and pointing to pathways for future solutions.

Digital Libraries Universal And Ubiquitous Access To Information

Digital Libraries  Universal and Ubiquitous Access to Information PDF
Author: George Buchanan
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540895329
Size: 62.78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Computers
Languages : en
Pages : 422
View: 2973

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries, ICADL 2008, held in Bali, Indonesia, in December 2008. The 30 revised full papers, 20 revised short papers, and extended abstracts of 13 poster papers carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The paper topics cover the spectrum of digital libraries, including multimedia digital libraries, usability and evaluation, information retrieval, ontologies, social tagging, metadata issues, multi- and cross-language retrieval, digital preservation, and scholarly publishing and commmunities.


Iqra   PDF
Size: 43.20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Libraries
Languages : ar
Pages :
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Children S Learning In A Digital World

Children s Learning in a Digital World PDF
Author: Teena Willoughby
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470695927
Size: 47.48 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Psychology
Languages : en
Pages : 320
View: 5273

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Children's Learning in a Digital World presents exciting and challenging new ideas from international scholars on the impact of computers, the Internet, and video games on children's learning. Features exciting new research which reassesses the threats posed by technology to the social, emotional, and physical development of children Examines the impact of technology in both formal and informal learning contexts, covering a range of technologies relevant to students and researchers, as well as professional educators Presents key information on the social and cultural issues that affect technology use, in addition to the impact on children’s learning Includes research from an international range of contributors

Teaching Tv Production In A Digital World

Teaching TV Production in a Digital World PDF
Author: Robert Kenny
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9781591581994
Size: 56.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Computers
Languages : en
Pages : 349
View: 6171

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This wonderful resource combines classroom instruction in TV technology with a year-long curriculum to teach high school students media and visual literacy, broadcast history, video produciton skills, and multimedia annimation.

And That S The Way It Will Be

And That s the Way It Will Be PDF
Author: Christopher Harper
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9780814736081
Size: 43.38 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 256
View: 7255

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The news media in the late twentieth century has become increasingly sensational and irrelevant to the lives of the American public. Network news shows frequently resemble entertainment programs, and major newspapers often fail to serve the interests of their communities. Young people in particular are casting aside newspapers and television news for computerized information and entertainment. In the wake of this shift, the convergence of digital technology, computing, and telecommunications has given rise to a new form of journalism: digital news. And That's The Way It Will Be argues convincingly that digital journalism has the potential to reverse the decline in prestige of the mainstream media. Focusing on the public's dissatisfaction with traditional communication sources, seasoned journalist Christopher Harper evaluates computers as a means of providing and receiving news and information. Harper profiles some of the key players in the world of digital journalism including Microsoft, America Online, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Time Warner. He assesses the impact of digital news in poor neighborhoods and the developing world and explores the issues of pornography, privacy, and government regulation of the Internet's news and information system. The volume closes with predictions about the future by presidents of communications organizations, computer experts, network news anchors, software developers, columnists, on-line editors, and Web designers. The first book to focus exclusively on the nature and future of journalism in an electronic age, And That's The Way It Will Be provides a comprehensive look at the emergence, challenges, and promise of digital news.